2023 Rewards Card



Hello beautiful!
You are now here because you are holding the 2023 PaperDollzCo. First, I want to thank you for purchasing stickers in my shop. I am very grateful to be part of you planning journey.
Here are the things you should do now that you have your 2023 rewards card!

First is you need to subscribed here in our website my submitting your working email address. Your email will receive Dear Dolly newsletter for every shop updates you need to know. ( We had problems before that our customers wanted to complete the rewards cards stickers but they we're not aware about the shop updates. We cannot rely on social media because we're fighting with algorithm 🤣😭 )

Having this reward card will give you more free products from our shop! And some of them are exclusive items! There will be 12 different prizes to get next year. Isn't it so exciting?!

 You can check our 2022 Rewards Card Prizes blog post so you have an idea what prizes to expect!

What is Dear Dolly?
Dear Dolly is a PDC newsletter that contains shop update. The contents are mostly the fresh releases, freebies and the rewards card updates too. Plus you will also received exclusive vouchers and freebies ( you will need to find the code somewhere in the email to get the freebie hehe 🙂 )

Where to subscribe?

At the footer of the website, you will find this.
Please answer this form.

Please make sure that you already subscribed in our Dear Dolly newsletter because we will be sending the first shop update within this month :)

Thank you so much and stay hydrated!

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