About Mama Cat

Meet Mama Cat, a mother, wife, and a freelance graphic artist, as well as the proprietor of the small sticker business PaperDollzCo. Her passion lies in promoting limitless creativity and empowering women to pursue their desired roles.

Mama Cat holds a degree in Marketing Management and lacks a formal education in the arts. Despite starting as a marketing assistant, she taught herself Photoshop through online resources, such as Youtube and Google. Through focus, passion, and hard work, she fulfilled her dream of becoming a graphic artist. After working as an artist in a corporate environment for a few years and feeling unfulfilled, she transitioned to freelancing, where she found success as a children's book illustrator. However, she yearned for greater artistic freedom, which led her to establish PaperDollzCo.

Through this venture, she enjoys the liberty to create based on her personal artistic vision, from concept to execution. Mama Cat's unique art style has resonated with stationery enthusiasts both locally and internationally, making her entrepreneurial journey a dream come true.

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