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PaperDollzCo is a sticker shop sending happy mail since 2017. I started this shop as a side hustle and hired one employee to help me with the production of the stickers. But now, it ended up as my main source of income with multiple employees helping me in different aspects of my small business.

PaperDollzCo already has thousands of designs that cater to a lot of planner types especially Hobonichi products. This small sticker shop's goal is to ship high-quality products in the shortest time. Right now, our shipping rates start at $8. For more details, click here.



Hello! I am Mama Cat. A hardcore planner, children’s book illustrator, and the one who created the PaperDollzCo. What’s my story?

I’ve been journaling since high school and as an introvert, it helps me to release all my thoughts and emotions. My planner has tons of doodles and scribbles inside since I love to draw too! People thought that I was an art major because of my work and business, but my course when I was in college was Marketing Management.

This shop has witnessed me being single, getting married, and becoming a mom too! As a mom and a small business owner, planning helps me to align my daily activities and monitor my child’s development too! As a wife, I love cooking and making my recipes which I also put in my planner.

Right now, I draw new sticker designs every month. My passion for art and journaling fuels me to create more illustrations.

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