Do not be confused! PaperDollzComics is the comic version of PaperDollzCo! Each character on this version has their own personality. The concept of this comics is to make a cute illustration of planner life happenings that most of us can relate. Want to see more? Continue reading below :)

Meet Mulberry!

Mulberry is a lovely student Paperdollz. She's currently a 2nd year Marketing management student. She loves onesies! She has a collection of different animal-themed onesies. She uses her bullet journal to take down notes from her classes. She also love highlighters that she uses to make her notes more colorful!

Meet Olive!
The minimalist planner girl. She's a VP for marketing of an engineering firm. She's very neat and diligent in all aspects of her life. All her plans are written in her journal.
She's the owner of the small pet friendly coffee shop named Lemon Cafe and owns a dog named Peanut Butter . This planner girl loves to serve customers with her warm and cheerful personality
Cotton loves gardening! She's already a grandmother but young at heart.
Kiwi is our lovely pregnant planner girl. She's married with Yuki 2 years ago. She loves cleaning and planning outdoors.
Cherry is a freelance graphic artist. A creative happy go lucky girl who is living her dreams. She has a cute orange cat named Pumpkin. Yes! She sells planner stickers that she illustrate and use it on her planner too!
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