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Rewards cards will be given to the customers with the minimum order of $20 for the website and 400 for shopee ( shipping fee exclusive ). This was implemented because the material of the card is the same as last year ( high quality PVC ).
Every month, I make new sets of freebies that are released every first day of the month. You can view these freebies using the MENU under the Rewards Card category.
This year, we have a different way to collect the rewards sticker. We used a puzzle type so you will know where to put this puzzle sticker on your card. This sticker can be found on the freebie that has a month printed on it and it is inside a box with a note that says " stick me on your rewards card ".

 What if I missed a rewards sticker?
If you missed a rewards sticker, you can still get freebies depending on the number of the stickers you got. For example, you got the February up to December puzzle sticker. In that case you will still get the 1st to 11th rewards.

 I have 2 orders in one month and I got 2 same puzzle stickers. Is this counted as 2?
No, it is only counted as 1 since we are using a puzzle type of rewards stickers.

• Is the puzzle sticker transferable?
I'm sorry but no. We will first confirm and check the number of your puzzle stickers and the number of your purchases.

If you have any additional questions, please comment here on this link.

Thank you so much!
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  • Chesca on

    Hi if i got all 12 stickers completed on my rewards card,do i get to have all the prizes or i only have to choose one among the 12?

  • Adrianne R. on

    Hi this is Adrianne again!
    SUPER HUGE SORRY!!! I got my orders confused. they both came in at the same time and I didn’t see the February reward sticker. I found it! thanks! – Adrianne

  • Adrianne R. on

    Hi! Sorry to bug, but I made a purchase on 2/28/2021 and I just got my order. Thank you by the way!! Super pretty as always!! It had a March reward sticker and not a February reward sticker included. I was wondering if I would still be eligible for a February reward sticker? The order number was 2076. Thank you! Adrianne

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